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Online Resources for Qutting

Below will be some links for some different types of resources that can help people quit smoking. We had a reader send in some awesome links and we wanted to share them for more people to see. Remember, you are not alone in the quitting process and YOU CAN DO IT! As always, you can call the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline to talked to a trained specialist at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669).

Food To Help You Quit Smoking-

Secrets of Non-smokers-

Resources to help you quit smoking-

Yoga, a helpful tool in quitting smoking-

Things to do instead of smoking-

What happens when you quit smoking-

Disclaimer - These are not guaranteed ways to quit smoking and most are not FDA approved cessation methods but some of these have worked for other people and we want to share information to the public about different things to try to quit smoking.


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